Welcome to the Round Up

Hello Friends, Jim Nantz he…….No, No, No. Wrong sport.  We’re not at the Master’s yet. But we are close to the best time of the year. NHL Playoffs. And of course another year of being hopeful Rangers fans in the illustrious chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Now I’m sure some of you reading this (if anyone is reading this at all), are probably wondering why start a Rangers blog at this point in the season? I could give you all of these excuses, but plain and simple I’m lazy. I’ve thought about doing this since the beginning of the season, yet here we are; 77 games in, a playoff spot clinched, and most fans praying (myself included) that we don’t limp into the playoffs and stay out of our own fucking way.  Hank was not looking good in our west coast trip, the defense looking worse and the offense not putting up the numbers we are used to. It’s just a disaster right now folks.

That’s all for now as I don’t want to bore you in my first ever post, but expect more to come as we hit the last 5 games of the season and all prayers our answered with us being able to play Montreal instead of Washington in the First Round of the playoffs. Although who give’s a shit about the Caps, they’ll lose to us again in the first round as they always do.



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