Rangers/Pens Preview 3/31

Good morning Rangers fans. We’ve made it through another week and a little icing on top with the Rangers playing tonight. This is an interesting game as we head into the last few weeks of the regular season. Both teams have locked up playoffs spots, but are slumping at the worst time of the year. The Pens have like half of their roster hurt right now, and the Rangers are beyond inconsistent.

But this Friday night rumble is going to come down to one thing and one thing only. The glorious Swedish model Hank. If he actually decides to show up and play like he can, Rangers are walking out of MSG with a W. I’m not a stats guy (if you want that go read ESPN) but I know he is having one of his worst seasons ever right now. He’s going to face a ton of shots tonight, because our defense is horrible; but again if he plays decently we should win.

The problem is the Rangers have been absolute garbage at home this year. They’ve lost they’re last 7 at home, but I remain hopeful that this is the game that ends the streak. I really feel that way only because of how depleted the Penguins team is right now. It’s going to be a low scoring affair, and lets hope the top 6 for the Rangers play like they can. Stepan needs to get out of this funk he’s in.

If I were a betting man (which I tend to be from time to time), I say the Rangers pull out the W. Maybe a 2-1 or 3-2 game.


EDIT: As of 12:10 I’ve found out McDonagh is out tonight. Fuck. Forget everything I said before.

Over/Under: 5.5

Rangers Money-line:  -130

Rangers Spread: -1.5 (+225)


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