Rangers Lose Heart Breaker at Home; Crosby Still a Douche

So gut reaction……..




That sucked.

A lot.

Kreider had me fucking jacked up with 10 seconds left stuffing that goal in. I think I woke up the neighborhood with me celebrating. Hey, I gotta get ’em ready, it’s almost playoff time. Then in typical Penguins fashion, Crosby rips my god damn heart out. Not to mention he had one of the luckiest goals I’ve seen in a long time in the middle of the second.

Overall, not a great game. The Rangers D looked terrible throughout again. Hank did Hank things. Stood on his head, and made this game look a lot closer than it probably should have been. But there were some bright spots. One being Rick Nash. The guy was all over the place tonight. Scoring goals, scoring chances, drawing penalties. He was doing all the right things tonight. Holden looked great too with a goal and an assist. A very well timed goal because if we went into the Third down 2-0 I think this game would have gone in a very different direction.

On the flip side, we have Dan Girardi and Derek Stepan. Steps just can’t catch a break right now. He has 1 goal in the last like 25 games, and nothing is bouncing his way. Dan Girardi is a joke, and should be off of this playoff roster. He was the reason for the first goal of the game. With that being said, absolute DIVE for that first penalty call. Jesus was that just a terrible call.

The third period seemed dull to me. Other than that Krieder goal I just didn’t see much effort from the Blueshirts. I don’t have much else to say on that.

And then we come to overtime. Man, we had a bunch of chances. Murray just played well at the right time and made some great saves there to get the Penguins into a shootout. Seeing Hank get scored on twice 5-hole is something I don’t think I have ever seen in all the years of the shootout. Surprising for sure, but luckily we won’t have to worry about shootouts in the playoffs.

That makes it 8 in a row now at home for the boys in Blue, and if we’re going to do anything during the playoffs we gotta start winning at home. A few games left for us to get our act together. There needs to be some urgency in these last few games. 1 point tonight is great but we need Ws. Next up on the schedule is Philly, maybe the only team that’s fucking worse than Pittsburgh. This one will be fun, and I can expect a fight or two on Sunday. We’ll see you then.




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