Broadway vs. Broad Street Preview

Good Morning folks.

We have a special one today. A classic Rangers/Flyers match up late in the season. I’m sure most fans won’t be surprised with how this game is going to go. It’s going to be a rough and rowdy Sunday night adventure.

The Flyers are coming off of two big wins, absolutely destroying the Islanders, and then a nice shutout win against the Devils last night. They’re going to be looking to finish the trifecta tonight against the boys in Blue. A few things to look at before we head to puck drop later tonight, Neuvirth will probably not be playing. He collapsed in the crease in last nights game, and I haven’t looked at reports today but am expecting him not to be playing tonight. That means we’ll have Steve Mason or some no-namer to go against. That’s the plus. The minus……the Flyers are on a roll right now, and I don’t expect that to stop tonight. It’s going to be a brawl, and if I had to guess the Flyers are going to get physical early and often, and they will try to get the Rangers off their game.

Frankly, the Rangers need to get their head out of their ass. The D needs to step up today and actually play like an organized force, and not a bunch of fucking 11 year old Mites out there. Let’s take the game to them, get some hitting in and get physical on the puck. I’d like to think Nash will continue his streak of good play, and I really like the way his line is playing right now with Miller and Z. Expect some points from them. Let’s hope that the other lines will step up and join the party.

Vesey is back in the lineup, and drum rollll……TANNER GLASS. This means we’re gonna see some scraps tonight which is always fun. McDonagh still out which is unfortunate but I’m thinking AV is just doing it to keep him fresh for the Playoffs. No Buch or Pumpel either. The Flyers don’t have much to play for, but I’m sure they’re always happy to bring it to the Rangers.

It’s going to be a low scoring affair, and if I were to guess….more fights than goals tonight folks. You heard it here first! 2-1 Boys in Blue, ending their losing streak at home.



Over/Under: 5.5 (+105)

Moneyline: Rangers -170

Spread: Rangers -1.5 (+170)


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