Rangers Give Fans Minor Stroke but Still Win Against Flyers

So I had this really well written post set from last night. I had a few adult sodas while watching the game, and let me tell you the words were flowing as freely as the booze last night. Then in all my drunken glory, didn’t save the post, and now I’m writing this. Slightly hungover, and sitting in my office staring at a computer screen is not the best way to start your Monday.

So the first 56 minutes of the game were great. The last 4? Not so much. But let’s talk about the good before we get into the end of the game. This was one of the better performances from the Rangers in probably the last 2 weeks. They played well all around. Top 6 looked strong, and the defense looked half competent out there. Z had an absolute snipe to get the party started, and who knew Brendan Smith could score! What a pass from Zucc and a nice little dangle by Smith to put it in the back of the net.  Mr. No Name in the Flyers net, had no chance on that goal or the Kreider tip in. Lindberg had a great effort goal in front of the net too. I thought he played very well.

So there I am at home watching the game, and writing a victory blog with about 5 minutes left. We’re up 4-1….what could go wrong. Well, almost everything did. And let me tell you the mood changed quickly as both goals went past Lundquvist in less than a minute.  Holy shit I think I had a heart attack. The defense, which played pretty well basically all game collectively said ” Fuck It”. Just deciding to not play or stay in position which cost us those two goals. Filppula had 2 very impressive goals and the one at the end of the game was almost a dagger. Several bad penalties throughout the game didn’t help the Rangers either. Being down to a 6 on 4 with 90 seconds left in the game is never good. Thank god we have the Swedish Savior in net to save our asses again.

But we survived, barely. We finally end the losing streak at home and can hopefully build on this with a big game this Wednesday against the Washington Ovechkin’s. We’ll see you Wednesday night.




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