Rangers/Caps Preview 4/5

Alright I’m going to dive right in and keep this short and sweet. I’m swamped at work, and it’s nearly 5PM so most of you fans should have your preview at this point.

The Blueshirts are headed down to D.C. to face off against the Washington Capitals. Not much here for the Rangers since they’ve locked up a playoff spot, and we can clearly tell this from all the healthy scratches. Nash, Zucc, McDonaugh, and Fast are all out tonight. AV has basically put this team on cruise control, which I’m still not 100% sure about. Yes it’s great that we can rest these guys, but I’m worried that going to get them off their game at the most important time of the year. Either way don’t expect much from this team tonight.

The Caps are playing for the Presidents Trophy, which I’m more than happy for them. Everyone knows that you have no chance at the Cup once you win the President’s Trophy, so let them have it. From all my research it seems like most of the Caps are playing tonight. Expect so good goaltending from Holtby and Lundquivst tonight. Hanks getting into form at the right time.

I’m not too confident in this game, so I’m probably expecting a lack luster performance from the Blueshirts tonight. 4-1 win for the Caps. Silver Lining is the Caps lose the Stanley Cup tonight.



Moneyline: Rangers (+175)

Over/Under: 5.5 (+110)

Spread: Rangers +1.5 (-165)


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