Blueshirts Tie Series with Slumpbuster Win at Home

So after losing 6 straight at home we finally, finally, fucking finally win one at home. It was scrappy. It was fast. It was ugly at times. But it was a win. And at this time of the year, the W is the most important thing, so I’ll take it. I said it in my preview, this was and absolute must win and they pulled it off. 

The first 5 minutes of the game looked like this game was going to be all Rangers. We came out absolutely flying. Peppering Price with shots left and right. I think t took somewhere like 8 minutes for Montreal to register their first shot on Hank. There was bad defensive play (SHOCKER) from just about everyone except for Mac. Hank played like Hank all game. Made crucial saves and bailed this team out more often than I would have liked. Fast had a great little goal to get the scoring started. I felt at that time that was going to open the floodgates for them. Unfortunately we had a terrible defensive change and basically game Montreal and easy goal to tie it up at the end of the period. 

I still felt good as the 2nd period started and we were getting into a little bit of a groove. I have to say; for as much shit as people have given Nash in past seasons, he’s been on absolute fire this series. Playing well all-around which is very refreshing to see, instead of him disappearing into the abyss. It continued with him scoring the go ahead goal, stuffing it past Captain Canada of Les Habituales. 

The KZB line has he most promising upside as we head back north of the border. Kreider was very hot and cold last night but I think there is some magic there that we will see continue to grow into games 5 and 6. This series with this win has a whole new feel to it and most of the favor has shifted to the side of the Rangers. 

I don’t have much to say about the 3rd period for a few reasons. One. The Rangers didn’t do much offensively. Two. Hank saved their ass again. Three. I was drunk and frankly don’t remember much other than the last like 2 minutes. Sue me. Four. Our defense sucks and I’m doing everything in my power to forget about their poor play. 

Game 5 tomorrow up in Montreal. I was supposed to be there but I suck and couldn’t get time off from work but I have a few buddies who will be at the game so hopefully can get a few good pictures for the recap. Preview blog of the game to come tomorrow. 



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