Game 5 Preview

Alright so we made it to game 5. It wasn’t the prettiest first 4 games but we’re here now. We needed a win on Tuesday and we got it. Again it wasn’t pretty but we made it happen.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. We need to play like game 4. Offense needs to be pushing right from puck drop. I think that was a huge part in our success on Tuesday. Need to get and maintain offensive pressure.

The defense just needs to pretend that it knows what it’s doing, and stay out of the way of Hank. I didn’t see yet who is scratched for tonight and who is in the lineup, but I’m hoping AV keeps everything the same and we have no Kevin Klein tonight. No Klein should hopefully mean a win for the boys in Blue.

Everything revolves around Lundquivst though. If he has a good game, we should give ourselves an opportunity to win. Unfortunately we don’t always know what kind of Rangers team is going to show up tonight in Montreal. I expected big things out of Nash, as well as the KZB line tonight. Short and sweet like I said. Lets not play with our heads in our ass and we should be coming back to MSG with a 3-2 lead.



Over/Under: 5 (+125)

Moneyline: Rangers (+130)

Spread: +1.5 (-260)


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