Karlsson Puts a Dagger In Rangers With Late Game Goal

So that stung. Plain and simple. A bad goal…..a lucky break…..whatever you want to call it. It happened and it sucked. Unfortunately that’s how these things play out sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goal scored like that from the corner and I’m hoping I never will again. With that the Rangers start in the hole 0-1. But luckily it can really only go up from here. From everything I saw yesterday it seemed that, that was the best that Ottawa can throw at us, and we played about as bad as we could.

From the start of the game we just couldn’t seem to get our legs under us and get up to speed. We started slow and it really showed. We got peppered at the beginning of the game, and Hank had to bail us out wayyyy too many times. We took 2 really bad penalties in a row and frankly looked extremely disorganized on the ice. Hayes looked absolutely lost out there. He caused a couple of really bad turnovers which made Hank have to make a few incredible saves. But overall we made it out of the first unscathed, and a lot of improvement needed.

Luckily in the second we got our head on straight and decided that shooting the puck is actually a good thing. Who would of thought that!?! Amazing that shooting the puck leads to goals. Because once we got into the Power Play and shooting McDonagh and Kreider had an absolute beautiful goal in front of Anderson. Good things happen when you get pucks to the net/screen and tip. So we finally get going a little bit, the offense is coming together, we’re making strides and getting past the 1-3-1 trap that Ottawa had been playing. Everything was looking good. Again Hank had to bail us out on a ridiculous breakaway with about 10 minutes left in the period. From there though the momentum turned. All of a sudden the Rangers were now getting peppered with shots and anyone with a brain knew what was coming next. A bad rebound by Hank in front and a goal by Dzingel. They just couldn’t get the puck out of their end and it ended up costing the Rangers, and the Senators tied the game up very late in the 2nd period.

The 3rd was not much better either. Rangers looked flat. There was tons of confusion and no communication. We got guys running into each other all over the ice, passes not being made, too many men on the ice…..pets heads are falling off. Literally the wheels exploded off the bus and the game came to a screeching halt. We couldn’t even get the puck through the neutral zone. It was pretty pathetic to watch. Then the ICING ON THE CAKE! We give up a terrible goal to Karlsson late in the period on an absolute fluke. Lundquivst was a little out of position, but the defense should have been all over that. Only after giving up that goal did the Rangers decide that maybe they should put a little effort into their game. But it was too little too late.

We’re down 1 in the best of 7. Not the worst place to be, and as I said before we can really only go up from here. Let’s hope that AV get’s these guys back onto the ice and ready to go for Saturday afternoon. Full highlight below for those who want to see any of the action from last night.






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