Pageau plays Rangers Killer; Scores Four in Double OT Loss

What the actual fuck.

I can’t believe I just saw what I saw. This team is fucking ridiculous. 

We have a 2 goal lead multiple times in this game and absolutely give it away. And this is not taking away from Jean-Gabriel Pageau or the Senators at all. Guy was an absolute sniper today with 4 goals. There is no way Ottawa should have been let back into this game and we let them multiple times. But the fact that we rest on our laurels when up by 2 is ridiculous. 3-1, 4-2, 5-3. It’s absolutely absurd. This team had no killer instinct at all. God forbid we have our forwards actually continue to try to score when we’re up. It’s mind blowing. Actually fucking mind blowing. 

We end the 2nd period up by 2. Normals teams would say OK; let’s play some solid D and we can muster through 20 minutes of gameplay. But not this team. Not the Rangers. We just decide that keeping in our normal gameplay will help. So we let Pageau score the 4th, and 5th goal for the Sens. Not to mention this is just like the Habs series where late game goals come and bite us in the ass. So here we are again heading into Overtime. 

We struggle through the first overtime. Nothing too serious, right. Yes there were opportunities on both sides of the puck, but nothing you could say that was a game ender. I actually felt good going into the second overtime. I truly did. I thought if we as Blueshirts made it this far we can definitely pull one out. And Kreider almost got it for us. But it just wasn’t the day. Pageau had an absolute snipe of Lundquvist glove side and that ended it 3 minutes into double OT. 

I don’t want to say it, and I don’t want to be that guy. But this is not good for the Blueshirts. This is like a series killer right here. Not like. But 1000000% a series killer.  They absolutely NEED both Wins at home. Must win does not even begin to explain where this team is now. Game 3 will be the biggest game of the year, and I can only hope Rangers fans at home will step up. 

Down 2-0 is a terrible place to be, but we have been here before. We’ve done it against the Caps. We’ve done it against the Pens. It’s just so pathetic that we need to be having this discussion against the Senators. This team is below us in every aspect in the game, yet we’ve let them take 2 games on us. It’s onto Game 3 now. We’re back in New York and things can only get better. 



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