Rangers Answer the Call As Zucc And the Boys Take Game 3

Well that was great. I said in the preview that they needed to step up and that’s exactly what they did. Call it pressure from the fans or from AV or even themselves, but whatever they did before the game it worked. Eat your Wheaties!! They stepped up and actually played as the team that we saw for most of the regular season. And god dammit I was pretty happy to finally see that in the playoffs.

The game started off great with basically everything going the Rangers way. Pucks were bouncing for us; tape to tape passes. It was incredible to see. We got lots of pressure and kept the puck out of our end of the ice. HUGE VICTORY THERE! Zucc had a great goal with fantastic passing, and then Grabner doubled it up with a beauty from behind the net. It also helps that Craig Anderson is a moron and can’t handle the puck practically handing us a goal. Literally laugh-out-loud funny to watch that last night. We got tons of great attacking through the 1-3-1 and it was great to see. The only negative I saw was the pairing of Staal and Holden. They literally compete to see who can be the worse player on the ice at one time. There was one point where they were passing the puck back and forth between each other because they didn’t want it. HILARIOUS to see. We ended the 1st with a 15-5 shot lead. Great to see.

We got a huge break moving into the 2nd as a fall by Karlsson leading to a beautiful 2 on 1 and Nash had an absolute snipe past Anderson. Its truly incredible that this team can be so hot and cold. While it was great to see this team up by 3, there’s always that little guy in the back of your mind that it may not last, because we’ve seen it a million times before. But that kind of went away when Miller and Lindberg teamed up to score that 4th goal. A fantastic move by Miller to keep the puck in the offensive zone and move it into the high slot before a nice little pass to #24 for an easy shot on the weak side. Unfortunately, the jubilation didn’t last long because Pageau scored like 30 seconds later. That fucker has 6 goals all playoffs and 5 of them have come in the last 2 games. Incredible stuff really.

You could see the Sens game change completely after the 1st intermission as they brought their game back to life. It was a little worrisome to see especially as we moved into the 3rd period because they got a lot of strong chances off early in the period. I wish I could write more but I was drunk at the point and happy. And nothing else bad happened so to me that is a win!

Overall it was great to see this team step up and answer the call. We’ve gotten ourselves back into the series which honestly we should be winning, but it’s too late for that. So now we are on to game 4 tomorrow at the Garden. I hope that we can even this thing up and bring it to a 3 game series. Just need to bring the same intensity into Thursday and I’m hoping to be writing another blog about an even series. Full Game Highlights below.






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