Is Tanner Glass the Hero We Really Deserve?

I can’t believe I’m about to type this out. But thank God for Tanner Glass. The guy has been an absolute revelation this post season, AND HE’S BARELY PLAYED.

AV has had him in the lineup for just about half of the games in the playoffs, and in those games he has 4 points. I repeat……FOUR POINTS. F-O-U-R

Let’s just try to put some perspective behind that an take a look. In the 3 seasons he has been with the Rangers, 15 total points. 69 (nice) for his entire career spanning 10 years back. We’re basically looking at a season average of 7 points over an 82 game season. So basically he is on pace in this postseason alone to best any single season record he had. Amazing stuff.

And if you really want your mind blown. Tanner Glass has more points this postseason than the entire Chicago Blackhawks had in their first round series! Holy Fucking Shitballs. I am truly at a loss for words. I’m not making that up either, go check me on my facts, I know I’m right.

So here he is, the new hero of New York coming in an helping with 2 assists last night. I’m going to get back to Mr. Glass but lets just talk about some of the other bright lights last night. Lindberg had a phenomenal game. 2 very timely goals to help extend our lead. The 4th line of the Rangers right now is playing some lights out hockey, and I think by having Miller on that line it has helped build a lot of confidence, and it is showing in his game. Jesper Fast is another guy that gets no credit for all the great stuff he does. Doesn’t always show up on the stat-line in games, but he is always grinding away at times in the game that matter the most. So overall, 2 very great games at home. Two must win situations, and the Rangers handled it in stride.

Speaking of handling it. You know who didn’t last night? Guy Boucher. The prototypical Bond “villain”. The guy pulls the most French-Canadian move ever, and basically throws in the white flag at the start of the 3rd period.  He pulls Craig Anderson, and sits Karlsson. If that isn’t the definition of giving up, I don’t know what is. THEN to top it all off, he tries to bully us in our own building. Yea Guy, like that’s actually going to work. We stuff him back into the locker he came out of like it’s out of a cliche high school movie. I love the fact that these boys decided that getting chippy was the way to go towards the end of the game. Let’s get this shit set up for Saturday! All the momentum right now is in the Blueshirts favor, so lets hope we can keep it going this weekend.

Full Highlights Below




PS. I know, as most fans do this team is typically “soft” in every sense of the word. But they are the most physical team this year in the playoffs. They have more hits than any other team. I swear to god. What fucking planet am I on?




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