Well…….That Sucked. Time To Blow It Up

Unbelievable. The fact that we lost this series is so sad. I wish I had better things to say but this was just poor. 

This team is so much better than what they showed here in this series. But when there’s no Defense we’ll never win. I’m putting this all on the D. This team, especially when they have the easier playoff bracket should have made it to the ECF. But clearly that wasn’t what was in the cards today. 

Here’s some stats just to make this more miserable. Goals against per 60 min for the rangers is 1.89 when Staal and Girardi or both are off the ice…goes to 3.91 when one or both are on the ice. Just pathetic. Why we feel that these guys are important on the ice are ridiculous. 

It’s time. 

Time to blow it up. Keep the young guys but it’s time to make some moves. The sad part is we’re stuck in some bad contracts. Staal and Girardi stick out. These guys played terrible this entire series and just can’t play D. I feel like for Steps, Staal, Girardi, and Klein it’s time to go. You’ve done enough and it’s time to go. This team is still young but this blue line needs to be better. The Senators didn’t win this series, we lost it. Just absolutely ridiculous. Cheers to Tanner and a bunch of the other boys who made it happen but apparently this wasn’t the year. So bad to see this score and outcome but it’s only time to go from here. 

Let’s see how it happens. 


Ps. A huge thanks to everyone who listened and read this blog for the 2 months that it was alive. Really happy to be doing this so I’m going to keep it going. I’ll keep it up to date with off-season deals and the expansion draft so we’ll see how it goes. 


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