In An Extremely Bittersweet Moment; Dan Girardi Is No Longer A Ranger

So I’m not gonna lie. I’m in a strange place with my emotions right now in regards to the buyout of Dan Girardi.

On one side, I’m happy. That frees up some cap space on team that needs as much help as humanly possible on that front. Not looking at anything in terms of real numbers, but we as a team must be as cap-strapped as the Blackhawks and Capitals. So that’s the first good thing. The second is that we finally get rid of an old and slow Dan Girardi. Although he did come back to form during the playoffs, you could just see through the regular season that he was just not the Dan Girardi of yester-year. You could see he was just a step slow on everything and was a liability on the ice.

On the other side. Dan Girardi is vintage Rangers. The guy has played in more playoff games than any other Ranger before him, and I’m pretty sure he has the record for most blocked shots. Somewhere in the 2,500 range, but I’m too lazy to check if that anywhere close to the real number (you can tell I’m really putting in max effort here; if the NHL is in the off season so am I, so you should all be lucky that I’m writing this).

And that is where the problem comes in. The guy gave EVERYTHING for this team night in and night out. Definition of giving 110%. Sacrificing the body on every play he possibly could. When he was in his prime, arguably a top 10 defensemen in the league. So he rightfully at the time deserved the contract that he got. But he just took puck after puck after puck, and sooner or later that’s going to catch up to you.

I think most Rangers fans saw this coming in some fashion. Most would have guessed that it was going to either be Girardi or Staal, and it seems that Staal is the lucky one. Frankly I have no say as to who stays or who goes on this team, but I would have preferred to have seen Staal bought out. But again can’t change what has already happened. Rumor on the street too is that Klein is thinking about retirement. This is great because it will help the Rangers in the expansion draft in the coming weeks.

So for now all I can say is thank you Dan for sacrificing for this team for the last 11 years. A great career and a well deserved A on the chest. I know the fans have appreciated everything you have done and I know we wished we could have gotten you a cup while you’re here. You will forever be a Ranger.






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