Reports: Lindberg Selected By Las Vegas Golden Knights

So there you have it folks. Reports are swirling right now that Oscar Lindberg is the guy taken by Las Vegas from the Rangers. I know in my earlier post I mentioned that this may not be a great things because we wanted to keep some of the younger guys. But after diving in a little bit more I think this is the best option for what happened.

Lindberg was a solid 4th line center. And you can never have enough depth at that position. So seeing him leave when we need all the depth we can get will hurt in the short term. But he is coming off of major hip surgery and apparently this could be a persistent problem down the road for him. Yes, Oscar has a TON of upside. But the Rangers can find another guy juts like him in free agency. He was a 4th line center for this team. There are other 4th line centers out there. Not exactly the end of the world. We can find a very solid replacement for him.

Raanta will still be here. Which is fantastic. He is arguably a bottom tier starting goalie which makes him an outstanding backup. Apparently no deal was made either with Vegas to keep him so we won’t be losing any other pieces as well. So we now have another year or two with Raanta, and that gives some of the younger goalies time to develop as we watch Hank fade into yester-year.

Grabner stays. He is one of the fastest guys in the league, and for a coach who loves speedy guys, Grabner is on the top of the “want” list. Again I said earlier, Hot start; Cold finish. But again what we can expect is he could possibly score 30 goals and have a great season, and for being so cheap it is such a win-win for a cash strapped Rangers organization.

Biggest one of all. Jesper Fast. I didn’t realize it until a friend told me, but he had been voted team MVP for the last 2 years. BY HIS OWN TEAMMATES! That just shows you how fucking important he is to this team. It might now be on the stat sheet every night, but this kid shows up at the most appropriate times and works hard. And he will only keep getting better. He’s only 25 and has many years of improvement ahead of him.

So overall I think the Rangers walked away pretty unscathed from this. Now again. I’m not some insider, or NHL expert so all of this could be false. Frank “what’s his face” from the tweet above could be blowing smoke up everyone’s ass for all we know. But if he’s right, this was one of the best possible scenarios for the Rangers.




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