What To Expect (Hope For) With The Rangers As The Expansion Draft Arrives

Protected list


So here is the list that we have for this today’s expansion draft. Now honestly there wasn’t too much shocking here when reading the list above. Having Girardi being bought out was crucial to the future of this team. As I mentioned before it’s extremely bittersweet.

But there are four big names that are available to be taken, and realistically two of them that I hope don’t get taken. The big four of Grabner, Fast, Lindberg, and Raanta. Now when you look at those names I know personally I want Fast to stay at any cost. This guy is too crucial for the Rangers 3rd and 4th line to be taken.

Raanta makes sense because we obviously have Hank, and Skapski is most likely ready to move into a back-up role. Our goal-tending is tops in the league from a training and development standpoint. Just look at Hank, Talbot, and Raanta. The Rangers are a factory for good goalies so it’s not the worst case if we lose Raanta.

Grabner I feel is the same boat. Yes he came out hot last season and was the Rangers, but became irrelevant in the second half of the season and most of the playoffs. He’s probably the most expendable asset we have and the best fit for the Golden Knights. A great contract at only 1.5 Mil and an absolute speedster. So hopefully we can walk out with only minor bruises and expect Grabner to be taken by Vegas.

The down side is that if we lose Lindberg or Fast I think this team loses a lot of what made them a top conteder last year. Young, scrappy guys that are playing with heart and grit to win every puck in the corners or every battle against the boards. Two young guys that are coming up and can be pieces to a championship team. That’s what I am most concerned about.

Short post here since we’re going to be hearing about the expansion draft all day, but let’s hope that Rangers com out big winners at the end of the day!




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